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Máy nén khí Buma
Model: BUMA
Nhãn hiệu: BUMA
Xuất xứ: KOREA
Giá tham khảo: Liên hệ
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Products Feature World Class Quality BUMATEC

High Reliability - BUMATEC Perfect Quality Test System Six Steps
3D Simulation Design - For the design of new model air compressor, we check the interference and analysis air flow in various conditions through 3D simulation.
Durability verified spare parts - We chose durability verified one for all the parts.
Performance Test - We apply performance test in accordance with ISO and GB regulation for air compressor.
Simulation Test - We double check in sever condition through simulation test.
Feedback of running record - We get running records for different type of applications from customers, and use them for the improvement of BUMATEC Air compressor.
The most suitable application test - Before the delivery, we apply the most suitable test according to the demand of customer request and international/local regulations.
Quiet Operation

The unique design of air end which minimizes the noise during air compressing process. The Silencer and Sirocco fan have been simulated by air flow analysis before manufacturing, which reduce air friction noise remarkably. Air Compressor is covered with high density sound absorbing material to meet the sound-proof qualification. Also unique quick ventilation valve which is designed for eliminating unloading noise is installed.

Energy Saving

BUMATEC has developed big size screw rotor of air end by high precision machining process, and as a result we’ve achieved the best clearance of the rotor which is the highest level of air flow rate in the world. There is no intermediate speed control mechanism between motor and rotor for increasing driving power efficiency. And there is also high efficient centrifugal fan and energy saving intake valve system applied.

Human-oriented Arrangement

BUMATEC’s air compressor is designed for convenient maintenance. All the parts are arranged and assembled for easy maintenance - mobile hinged doors, bolted separator tank cover with O-ring seal, and etc. Furthermore, it is simple to clean inside of air compressor.


Air filter prevent infiltration of dust and impurity to the rotor, and it secure lubrication oil from contamination, thus it play an important role for smooth operation of compressing system, i.e., it directly affects to lubricating oil, air end, oil-air separator, and electromagnetic valve. Because fine dust is invisible, when inferior and cheap filter element is used then very small particles of dust accumulated in the room of air compressing system rapidly, as the result it occurs severe damage of rotating parts. BUMATEC has applied filter element with two-stage processed high quality material to ensure clean air intake.


There is a set of soft coupling between electric motor and air end for efficient power transmission of driving. The coupling is reliable, and has the function of smooth connection of motor axis and air end axis, and reduces the shock load caused by starting torque.


BUMATEC’s another design is application of belt driven air compressor for low power model. The advantages of these models are easy adjusting of compressing pressure and overload protection. Seal of shaft can be simply replaced, thus it reduces maintenance time and cost.


Step 1 : It is gravity separation by vortex wind flow in the separator tank.
Step 2 : Air and oil are separated by hitting on the bottom part of separator wall.
Step 3 : As compressed air is going through ultra-fine filter element, it can be obtained clean air that the oil content is to be less than 2 PPM.


BUMATEC has applied ‘Super Cooling Oil’ for lubrication of air compressing system. The advantages of super cooling oil are less oil content in compressed air and less temperature rising due to its outstanding heat conduction capability, and thus it improves reliability and efficiency. Furthermore carbon and hydrogen are not contained in this oil so that the inner part of air compressing system can eliminate oxidation and extend operating time longer. v

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